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Re: Autolite 3923 washer

In a message dated 11/10/05 5:40:31 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
BeemerGary2@xxxxxxx writes:
Specifically, who might that be,  and by what means is this information 
transmitted from these manufacturers  to the end users?>>

Sometimes information is transmitted in its'  absence. For instance, BMW 
doesn't specifically say not to put Elephant Dung in  your gas tank, but that 
dioesn not infer that it is an OK idea. In the same way,  notice that the spark 
plug makers do not RECOMMEND using anti-seize except in  specific applications. 
These applications do not include motorcycle or  automotive engines. They do 
say that the plug threads are coated to prevent  seizure.

Search their websites for Installation Tips. Many also  publish technical 
information in the cross-reference catalogs used by jobbers  and dealers. 

I have noticed recently that Bosch, Champion and NGK have  all REMOVED this 
warning from their websites. The Bosch website used to have a  whole paragraph 
about Anti-Seize, now that paragraph is missing.   

(I started to do a search, and ran into something very interesting. Look  at: 
http://www.autolitesparkplugs.com/sparkplug411.asp about AutoLite Spark  

Now look at: http://www.championsparkplugs.com/sparkplug411.asp  about 

It's the same website, with just the name  changed!>

Here's a section from a recent Saturn Service  Campaign;

"Notice: This engine has an aluminum cylinder head. Do not  remove the spark 
plugs from a hot engine. Removing spark plugs from a hot engine  may cause 
cylinder head damage. Before spark plugs are removed, allow the engine  to cool 
to below 490 C (1200 F).


Notice: Do NOT coat spark plug threads with anti-seize compound. If  
anti-seize compound is used and spark plugs are over-torqued, damage to the  cylinder 
head threads may result."

Tom Cutter
Yardley,  PA