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Re: Digital read-out and radial tires

Some questions for the experts regarding a:
 '94 R1100RS with ABS, no digital read-out panel, Canadian model.

1.)  is the neutral switch identical with the neutral switch + digital read-out switch???
2.)  is it possible to install digital read-out panel for this RS???

The following is not a question for this "R" list but T.P. Cutter may know the answer: 
Regarding a '92 K75s:
Is anybody has experience of mounting radial tires on this bike???
The bike came with bias tires.
Would this K75s be more stable in turns with radial tires???
Could somebody advise me how to subscribe onto the "K" list???
Thanks for your responses in advance.
Bob Silas
'94 R1100RS
'92 K75s