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Re: Digital read-out and radial tires

In a message dated 11/10/05 8:45:53 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
robert.silas@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
<<Some questions for  the experts regarding a:
'94 R1100RS with ABS, no digital read-out panel,  Canadian model.

1.)  is the neutral switch identical with the  neutral switch + digital read
- -out switch???
2.)  is it possible to  install digital read-out panel for this RS???>>

The Neutral switch is separate from the gear position indicator switch. the 
GPIS  installs right on top of the N.I. switch on th estub of the shift drum at 
the  rear of the gearbox. The switches are accessible with the swingarm  

Yes, you can install the Rider's Information  Display (RID) system to your 
RS. The wiring is already in your harness, you just  plug in the RID panel at 
the fairing, and install the color-matched right-side  fairing panel, The switch 
installs at the gearbox and plugs in to the main  harness under the tank on 
the right side. You will see the empty plug connector.  The parts are all 
listed as available, but the kit is no longer listed as a  single part number.

<<The following is not a question for this "R"  list but T.P. Cutter may know 
the answer: 
Regarding a '92 K75s:
Is  anybody has experience of mounting radial tires on this bike???
The bike came  with bias tires.
Would this K75s be more stable in turns with radial  tires???>>

The problem will  be in finding radial tires in the correct sizes to fit the 
K75S. The S is very  sensitive to suspension tuning, and most of the K75S 
forks are set up very  wrong. Make sure you have the correct oil quantity and 
level, and that the  FluidBloc Steering Damper screws are installed correctly. 
Replace the steerign  head bearings, and test the front wheel bearings for 
condition.Throw away the  stock rear shock and install a tuned Wilbers or Ohlins. 
That's the quick and  dirty on the K75S.

<<Could somebody advise me how to subscribe onto  the "K" list???>>

The best K list currently is  the "Beeg" list, the IBMWR list. Admin, 
sub/unsub info:  http://www.lists.ibmwr.org/mailman/listinfo/bmwmc

Tom  Cutter
Yardley, PA