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Re: Digital read-out and radial tires

Thanks for your advice. I will check for the connector you described.
Another detail:
would the gas-gauge work?? I don't think that there is a float in the tank, not the one which shows, continuously, gas quantity. I don't remember, is RID has oil-temperature info too???  I have no port installed for this info.

You are right on the K, the front is extremely soft and dives a lot on braking. The steering shakes in a turn if the surface is rough and does the same when I cross lanes over a raised or depressed lane marker.

My RS is in pieces so I had to take the K for my tour Montreal-L.A. return Oct. 4-27 th.  I liked to be able to see the gear I am in, each time before starting, and not to stall the engine by being in the second.  
This gave me the idea to install RID on the RS. 

Another question about the K:
I am short and I have difficulty to reach the ground.  In order to overcome this problem, I dropped the front of  my old CX500 and the Shadow500.  My question is that could I do this on the K without a problem of geometry due to the change in rake angle??

By the way, for the RS I bought, and had installed, heated grips, which, with installation, cost $400.-  It is a piece of garbage, heats on high, in the summer only and not much, at speed forget it.  
For the K I bought snowmobile grip heaters for $25 and they are heating so much, in this cold temperature and at 80 mph, that sometimes I have to turn it off, if wearing thinner gloves.

Thanks again for your continued help to this list.
Bob Silas