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Re: Digital read-out and radial tires

In a message dated 11/10/05 10:42:56 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
robert.silas@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
<<Thanks for your  advice. I will check for the connector you described.
Another  detail:
would the gas-gauge work?? I don't think that there is a float in the  tank, 
not the one which shows, continuously, gas quantity. I don't remember, is  RID 
has oil-temperature info too???  I have no port installed for this  info.>>

The oil temperature and fuel level  senders are already in use on your bike. 
When you connect the RID, you will have  readings.


<<Another question about the K:
I  am short and I have difficulty to reach the ground.  In order to overcome  
this problem, I dropped the front of  my old CX500 and the Shadow500.   My 
question is that could I do this on the K without a problem of geometry due  to 
the change in rake angle??>>

You may  encounter clearance problems with the fender and fairing. Also, 
watch the S  fairing mounts, they break often. Grab the fairing in the front and 
lift. If it  moves, check the mounts. Do not lower the fork tubes more than 10 
mm showing  above the top clamp.

Tom Cutter
Yardley,  PA