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Re: Digital read-out and radial tires

<The oil temperature and fuel level  senders are already in use on your bike. 
<When you connect the RID, you will have  readings.


<You may  encounter clearance problems with the fender and fairing. Also, 
<watch the S  fairing mounts, they break often. Grab the fairing in the front and 
<lift. If it  moves, check the mounts. Do not lower the fork tubes more than 10 
<mm showing  above the top clamp.

I removed the lower faring long ago and converted the bike into a touring bike.
When I bought it with 10,000 mile on it, the front faring was moving up and down a lot. My son and I took it apart and reinforced it with 1/4 inch aluminium plates riveted together by 3/8 alu rivets.  Now the K has about 35,000 miles and the front fairing is still solid.

Dropping the fork, even ten mm is a help.
Thanks for all your input
Bob Silas