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You are right if you are sure that you will stop before hitting the object ahead of you, but if you hit, I rather be on the ground voluntarily than flying over something and hitting the asphalt on the other side, me landing on it. In that case dynamic forces would be much, much greater.  

Since I had the pleasure to experience both type of falls I take a low-sider where I relatively slowly approaching the ground than a high-sider in which who knows in what position will I hit the ground and my bike may follow me,  landing on top of me. (we had a couple of cases here, just like that)
Bob Silas
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  I saved the life of a bicycle rider who turned suddenly in front of me. The 
  price was, a worn off valve cover and handle bar end and damage to my clothing. 
   I don't think that I could do this with ABS, however to me, it is safer to 
  have a low-sider than hit something head on and fly over it.

  Are you REALLY intending to say that a metal valve cover, rubber handle bar 
  end and clothing material has greater stopping power than a set of brakes 
  stopping the rotation of rubber tires making contact with pavement? 
  Gary Prickett
  Mission Viejo, CA