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Re: ABS (test report link)

In a message dated 11/11/05 10:36:33 AM Eastern  Standard Time, 
danweb@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Hi Tom, Steve,

Here's one  such test from Mike Kneebone (LDRider / IBA ) that I had stumbled
across when  making the ABS or not decision a few years back for my  previous

http://www.ibmwr.org/prodreview/abstests.html  >>

Thanks for that link. Somebody else posted it  yesterday, and I read the 
whole test. While I might argue that their test was  very subjective, and used a 
very small data sample, it IS a test.  

Personally, I like ABS on my streetbike, because  sometimes I find myself 
"spacing out" for a second, and in that situation, the  ABS could save my bacon. 
It has already saved me in one very unusual  circumstance, where there was a 
downed tree across the road, and I could not see  the tree due to very heavy 
rain and no light. When lightning illuminated the  tree, which seemed to be only 
a few feet in front of my head, I mashed the  brakes and came to a stop so 
close that I could touch the tree. The ground was  littered with pieces of 
splintered wet wood, from the tree branches, and I could  hardly stand it was so 
slippery. But the ABS stopped the bike, upright, and I  was able to maneuver 
around the tree before the next car along hit the tree and  crashed.

On the track, I disable the ABS, because it  makes it difficult to slide the 
rear of the bike to set up turns. I have since  stopped riding my BMW on the 
track anyway, so it is no longer an issue there.  

Tom Cutter
Yardley,  PA