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Re: Digital read-out and radial tires

Yup!  I put the old panel back on without the RID.  I don't have the 
gear position sensor (to me the best part of the RID), the bike is going 
to sit for a few months, my old clock set-up was better/bigger/easier to 
see,  I'm starting to get ABS faults again (after two years on an 
Odyssey) and am worried about any battery drain (don't know if the RID 
causes any battery drain...clock) and it takes ten minutes to swap the 
panels.  See you soon!


Robert Silas wrote:

>Do you mean that you installed the RID and then you un-installed it???
>I need a new neutral switch, so this is the time to install the new switch plus the gear sensor.  Do you NOT recommend the installation of a RID panel?????
>I hope you will come and see the straighten out and reinforced back-frame on my RS.  I have no program for this weekend, I am completely free.
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>  From: John Van Deren 
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>  Sent: Friday, November 11, 2005 8:26 AM
>  Subject: Re: Digital read-out and radial tires
>  Hi Bob,
>  I just went through the process of installing a used RID panel on my RS 
>  which, like yours, did not come with one.  When I replaced my clutch two 
>  years ago, I forgot about adding the gear position sensor to the neutral 
>  switch in case I was going to add the RID in the future.  So, even 
>  though the plug for clock, oil temp and fuel level is there and works, 
>  you won't get the gear position without adding that rear sensor 
>  pigtail.  I got tired of the innacurate fuel level indicator and finally 
>  went back to my old set up!
>  Hope to see you this weekend!
>  John Van Deren
>  Montpelier, VT
>  Robert Silas wrote:
>  >Some questions for the experts regarding a:
>  > '94 R1100RS with ABS, no digital read-out panel, Canadian model.
>  >
>  >1.)  is the neutral switch identical with the neutral switch + digital read-out switch???
>  >2.)  is it possible to install digital read-out panel for this RS???
>  >
>  >The following is not a question for this "R" list but T.P. Cutter may know the answer: 
>  >Regarding a '92 K75s:
>  >Is anybody has experience of mounting radial tires on this bike???
>  >The bike came with bias tires.
>  >Would this K75s be more stable in turns with radial tires???
>  >Could somebody advise me how to subscribe onto the "K" list???
>  >Thanks for your responses in advance.
>  >Bob Silas
>  >'94 R1100RS
>  >'92 K75s