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Hello Dan,

From: "Seattle Dan" <danweb@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> I also disclaim the notion that one stops sooner than the other. I just
> don't know that from my experiences.

Could you please clarify the meaning of your closing sentence above? I 
*think* it is the first interpretation (below), but I have included other 
possible interpretations as well.

o I have not conducted my own tests in which I was able to prove
  that bike ABS can stop my bike in a shorter distance than an identical
  non-ABS bike, so I do not believe it is possible.

o I *AM* aware of the many tests that have been conducted by a
  variety of non-partisan organizations in which they tested bike ABS
  versus non-ABS under a variety of conditions with a variety
  of riders, but I disbelieve their conclusions because:

     o I have not duplicated the experiments myself

     o I believe the tests were flawed or falsified

     o I have proof that the tests were flawed or falsified

     o Their conclusions are inconsistent with my beliefs

     o Other: [please specify]

o I am *NOT* aware of the above tests, and I have not done any
  research on the subject other than the beliefs I have formed through
  my own experiences, therefore I do not believe it is possible to
  stop in a shorter distance using bike ABS.

I am just trying to understand your thinking.

- -Steve Makohin
 '01 R1100S/ABS
 Oakville, Ontario, Canada