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Hi Steve,

No problem. What I actually meant by that disclaimer is not covered by your
multiple choice. Here's clarification on both though:

1) I'm a big believer that ABS is great for 'non pro' riders. Tests done by
others and my general riding of two bikes has indicated to me (personal
decision) that I'm far better off with ABS brakes. All my new bikes will
have ABS (now I won't start on servo brakes because that's a whole other
story... not a big fan). 

I'd ALWAYS recommend ABS (and linked brakes) to any friend looking to buy a
bike that is not going to use it for racing / canyon carving 80% of the
time. On a GS type bike used off road, partially linked brakes would be

2) Yesterday's comment was about the difference between Honda VFR ABS vs BMW
ABS. For this I didn't want to say which would stop me faster in absolute

#2 is not a subjective measurement whereas my commentary about #1 is -- I
feel safer with VFR ABS. 

This said, I'd **believe** (read as 'guess' based on my observations) that
  A staged test with pros: BMW would win
	Because it's more aggressive.

  An every day 'hone your skills' test braking: VFR would win
	Because as the driver I'm more likely to give it a fist full

  A true pucker moment -- Toss up / not sure
	Because I'm beginning to feel that after every day riding of 
	the GS that I'd NOT give it a fist full but rather gradually apply
 	the brakes. It has trained me to be more cautious. This would 
	cost me precious stopping distance. Another side of me says 
	that in a true pucker moment, I would grab a fist full 
	without any hesitation. 

So them be my thoughts. Clearly, everyone will feel differently about
this... just like tires... but this is how I feel about the bike I own and
my skill / habits.

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Hello Dan,

From: "Seattle Dan" <danweb@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> I also disclaim the notion that one stops sooner than the other. I just
> don't know that from my experiences.

Could you please clarify the meaning of your closing sentence above? I 
*think* it is the first interpretation (below), but I have included other 
possible interpretations as well.

o I have not conducted my own tests in which I was able to prove
  that bike ABS can stop my bike in a shorter distance than an identical
  non-ABS bike, so I do not believe it is possible.

o I *AM* aware of the many tests that have been conducted by a
  variety of non-partisan organizations in which they tested bike ABS
  versus non-ABS under a variety of conditions with a variety
  of riders, but I disbelieve their conclusions because:

     o I have not duplicated the experiments myself

     o I believe the tests were flawed or falsified

     o I have proof that the tests were flawed or falsified

     o Their conclusions are inconsistent with my beliefs

     o Other: [please specify]

o I am *NOT* aware of the above tests, and I have not done any
  research on the subject other than the beliefs I have formed through
  my own experiences, therefore I do not believe it is possible to
  stop in a shorter distance using bike ABS.

I am just trying to understand your thinking.

- -Steve Makohin
 '01 R1100S/ABS
 Oakville, Ontario, Canada