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"Steve Makohin" writes:

 >  o My personal preference for brake feel is non-servo controlled
 >    brakes. The servo brakes seem to "come on" too suddenly for
 >    by taste when I first apply them. This applies only to the hand
 >    lever which is linked to the front and rear brakes, and not to
 >    the foot pedal which actuates the rear brake only. Comments
 >    apply to my semi-linked brakes.

You described my early R1150RT (04/01 build?).   Grabbing a handfull of
brake always over braked, sometimes caused the ABS to trigger, and was
in general a pain to ride smoothly.

I don't know what BMW has changed, but my 05/05 build GS does not have
this problem.  I've yet to have them "come on" too suddenly and the
only time I've triggered the ABS was when on dirt (which hopefully
will remind me to turn ABS off when on dirt in the future :-)

The servo is not as noisy on the GS as it was on the RT.  Since I wear
earplugs it's hard to tell, but it's possible that the servos don't run
100% of the time on the GS.  I think the servo noise stops when holding
constant, light brake pressure, e.g. at a stop light.  Has anyone else
noticed that or is it my imagination?

// marc