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Re: Strange Handling

> I would appreciate some suggestions, I ride an R1100 RT 1997 handling is ok 
> until I fill the tank up with fuel, then the handling becomes fantastic. 

> I would like to keep the "planted" feeling whatever the fuel level 
> was.

I recommend that you gain weight.

One option is exercise, but that could potentially add mass to your body 
all over in your muscles. This is not good. You'll want the weight as 
forward and as close to the tank as practical, so begin a regimen of 
shepards pie at once. You'll need to gain 2.5 stone.

Seriously though, I wonder if a slightly lower pressure in the front 
tire might help? IIRC you're about 1/3 the weight of the fuel below the 
typical rider weight BMW uses for the psi measurement (~156 vs 165 lbs).

Just a thought. I'm not experienced enough to know if that idea will put 
you in danger or not, so you might wanna wait and see what the other 
responses are...