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Strange Handling

Good morning, the sun is shining in England for a change. 

I would appreciate some suggestions, I ride an R1100 RT 1997 handling is ok 
until I fill the tank up with fuel, then the handling becomes fantastic. 
Not just a small change, but like riding a whole new bike, it just feels 
"planted" cornering is easier, slow speed stability is vastly improved its 
just all round better.
As the fuel is used up the quality of the ride fades gradually, not enough 
at any one point that you would notice, it just gets harder to keep a line 
in corners and generally not so sure feeling. Fill it up and presto, back to

wonderful again.
I weigh about 156 (11 stone ish) and the preload is set just under medium. 
My suspicion is that the bike benefits from the extra weight and in an ideal

world I would like to keep the "planted" feeling whatever the fuel level 
Any comments or suggestions welcome.
John R 
R1100 RT