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Re: throttle shaft

Next season for sure I'll be in Michigan, like I was in the last few years.  I'll let you know in time and you may test my '94 RS for a comparison.
Bob Silas
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  Paige plpklt@xxxxxxx <mailto:plpklt@xxxxxxx>  wrote:

  >A while back on the list there was mention and even a like to replacment of
  the TB butterfly shaft.  Can anyone send me that link again, and how hard is
  it to replace it?   My right Throttle body is making so much noise with the
  rattling from the trottle cable plate that the shaft must be very loose... It
  shoulds like I have never adjusted the valvles but is just the plate making
  all that noise.  I wouldn't believe it but if you touch it the noise stops so
  I'm convienced.>

  Paige, your symptoms are identical to my experience. I'll bet the bike is
  running like crap, too?

  1. The replacement shaft was $56.04 US earlier this year. I also ordered
  replacement screws. I ordered mine direct from Bing USA in Kansas or Oklahoma,
  my contact was Fay at bingcarburetor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. This website has a model/part number cross reference:
  http://www.largiader.com/tech/tb/ <http://www.largiader.com/tech/tb/>

  3. Replacement was not difficult. However, when I removed the shaft, which was
  quite severely worn, I noted that the bore didn't look very good either, and
  there was no bushing to replace. Thus, the result of my repair was an
  improvement, but did not come close to restoring acceptable performance let
  alone original performance. I concluded that complete replacement of the
  assembly was indicated, therefore I do not recommend replacing the
  shaft--based on my experience, it's probably not going to be effective.

  4. Instead of buying replacement Bing throttles, I installed Lectron
  carburetors. The result: my old friend is back! Starts WAY better than it ever
  did, economy is almost as good as with FI, and (above idle, which is
  admittedly rough) it performs "like new"...to the best of my memory anyway.
  I'd like to ride a stock, low-mileage R1100RS one of these days to get a real
  comparison, maybe even dyno mine (although I have no "before" data to
  compare), but she certainly runs well enough to be oodles of fun, and I've
  logged more miles this season than in any year since the turn of the century.

  5. I do not (yet) actually recommend anyone repeat my experiment; a longer
  term study result is needed. Although I now have a few thousand miles on the
  carbs, for all I know I'm doing irreparable damage to the engine, and there's
  certainly a substantial possibility I've screwed up my catalytic converter.
  I've no reason to actually think so, but the jury is still out.

  6. Certainly, it would have been far easier and cheaper to simply buy a new
  set of throttle bodies. I'm happy with my project because of the vastly
  improved starting, but mostly because of an animosity toward Bing fuel control
  devices that goes back 30 years. Not everyone is as cranky about Bings as I
  am.  I also suspect Mikuni carbs would have been a more cost-effective
  solution than Lectrons, and that DellOrto carbs would also have been a good
  but probably similarly-expensive choice; but both of those are probably much
  more difficult to set up than Lectrons.


  John D


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