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Bruno Valeri bvaleri@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:bvaleri@xxxxxxxxxxxx>  in Montreal

>More than one reviewer of the new K bikes has mentioned a disconcerting
feeling when braking into a corner and have the ABS momentarily release the
front brakes for no apparent reason resulting in the bike squirting further
ahead than desired.

>One reviewer had a minor get-off as he ran wide on a corner that he
attributes to the ABS. Difficult to say if this is just a convenient excuse
or not. But the fact that it has been mentioned several times by non-related
reviewers is puzzling.>

If ABS activates "for no apparent reason" on a dry, smooth road, my first
suspicion would be excessive sensor gap. I wish I'd done an experiment before
removing my system, by deliberately setting the gap wide to see if that
replicated the "trigger-happy" syndrome my bike had for the first 6,000

For safety's sake, I don't recommend anyone perform such an experiment, but I
would be very interested in knowing the result if someone was as curious as I

ABS activation can be disconcerting even when it's working perfectly and the
rider is used to it. I find it plausible that unexpected (and particularly,
apparently unwarranted) activation while cornering could very easily break
one's concentration...and "running wide" in a right-hand curve followed by a
head-on collision would not be just a "minor get-off"!

I never experienced unexpected ABS activation while cornering--my pucker
experiences were always straight up, coming to an intersection, braking on dry
(but bumpy) pavement in a relatively aggressive but utterly normal (as opposed
to panic) mode. It was only when the ABS kicked in that the panic started.

This issue is exactly what I've improved most.

I never knew what ABS was going to do in a given situation.

Now my brakes have superb feel and stopping power, and are 100% predictable.

"Tom Brown" tbrown@xxxxxxxxxxx then wrote:


>How difficult was this to remove and re-route?   I know how difficult it was
to convince everyone on this list you aren't crazy.   I'd only be worried
about resale of the bike after removing a highly touted safety feature.
I'm pretty sure the actual brakes work just great.

First, let me reiterate that although I'm happy with my results and despite
all of my explanations, justifications, rationalizations, and obfuscations, I
do not endorse anyone else doing it. For most if not all riders, in most if
not all situations, ABS is a good thing, and  more recent ABS versions are
almost certainly far more beneficial than the one I removed. Again I applaud
the efforts of motorcycle manufacturers to improve this important safety

Having said that,

1. System removal was not particularly difficult on my model, assuming
experience with hydraulic brake systems, and shaved something like 20 lbs that
I'm convinced I notice in improved handling. I wrote complete instructions if
you are really interested.

2. I don't think I've convinced many, let alone everyone. I'm pretty sure the
majority of the list thinks I'm a complete crackpot.

3. Not only the effect on resale value, but potential legal implications, are
very real and sobering considerations. I intend to keep the bike, even when
the time comes to retire it, for the same reason I still have my R60/6. If I
were to sell this bike, I would draw up a waiver of liability and force the
buyer to sign it with notarization.

4. Yeah. Underneath it all the brakes are indeed great. I always suspected
they had that potential, but was never certain until the ABS was removed. Now
I know.


John Dancoe