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From: "John Dancoe" <jdan@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: ABS

> Bruno Valeri bvaleri@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:bvaleri@xxxxxxxxxxxx>  in
> related:
> >One reviewer had a minor get-off as he ran wide on a corner that he
> > attributes to the ABS. Difficult to say if this is just a convenient
> >or not.

> For safety's sake, I don't recommend anyone perform such an experiment,
but I
> would be very interested in knowing the result if someone was as curious
as I
> am.
> I find it plausible that unexpected (and particularly,
> apparently unwarranted) activation while cornering could very easily break
> one's concentration...and "running wide" in a right-hand curve followed by
> head-on collision would not be just a "minor get-off"!

It's unlikely that ABS would trigger mid corner. Though it is theoretically
possible if you are trail braking and come across diesel oil while leaned.
But even then, the slip would be sideways.  Other than that, it would be
difficult to be on the brakes hard enough to trigger the ABS while leaned.
You would exceed grip and lowside or highside before locking a wheel due to
braking (and hence trigger ABS).

The reviewer in question as well as all other reviewers mentioned this
unexpected forward squirt while braking into a corner before turn-in.

Montreal, Canada
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