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>o BMW's whizzy brakes provide no power-assist when the key is
>  in the "OFF" position. In fact, the brake level requires substantially
>  more pressure to activate the brakes than non-assisted brakes. This
>  has surprised more than a few BMW riders when they moved their
>  bike with the engine off (like from the garage down the driveway),
>  only to discover they had "no brakes". (NOTE: BMW bikes with
>  whizzy brakes have a warning label top of the fuel tank, and more
>  warnings in the user manual regarding this effect, but not all riders
>  read all warning notices).

I've read some of the "foof" about the increased braking and
personally, I do not understand what all the fuss is about.

I had a R1100R that did not have "whizzy" brakes and I traded it for a
2004 R1100S that has "whizzy" brakes.  I have absolutely no problems
stopping with the bike off.  I would say it take "a little" more
effort, but not "substantially". 


Wayne Woodruff
Chalfont, PA
2004 BMW R1100SA (2ZARS)
1956 Matchless G11 (J86)