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Re: valve adjustment - feeler friction

 > "holder" instead of the metal one).  Before trying out the dual method or
 > even the quad method :) I thought I'd just check them out with my
 > micrometer - I won't bore you all with all the sizes but below is the result
 > of just the 0.15 and 0.30 mm checks (all in mm):

Hmmm.  That is another reason to do it with a single feeler spanning the
input and another single feeler spanning the exhaust.  I just checked my
pair of "matching" 0.30 feelers, both the same style gauge and from the
same manufacturer.  One was right on, the other was at 0.296.   Not much
of a difference, but with the micrometer locked at 0.30 the feel between
the two gauges was noticably different.

I checked my "long" feeler and found it was 0.308.   However, it was
0.308 at both ends.

// marc