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RE: valve adjustment - feeler friction

I bought a second set of feeler guages (the same make but in a plastic
"holder" instead of the metal one).  Before trying out the dual method or
even the quad method :) I thought I'd just check them out with my
micrometer - I won't bore you all with all the sizes but below is the result
of just the 0.15 and 0.30 mm checks (all in mm):

Nominal       "Metal"                 "Plastic"
0.15        0.1485 (-1%)        0.1484 (-1.07%)
0.30       0.3035 (+1.17%)   0.3145 (+4.83%)

Just a matter of interest.  Needless to say, I am still using the single
feeler method :)

Clive Liddell
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
'96 R850R ~79k.km
'01 R1100RT ~60k.km

> On an Oilhead, it is real important to use four  feeler gauges
> simultaneously, as the adjustment of one vlave adjuster will
> affect the feel of the other
> three. (This is because the adjuster pushes BACK on  the rocker
> when the gauge
> is installed, which moves the camshaft slightly. If  you do all
> four adjusters
> with four gauges (Intake valves .006" (( .15 mm)) and  two at the Exhaust
> valves of .012" ((0.30 mm))) you will get nice consistent
> results. This will go
> a long way toward resolving surging issues.
> Tom Cutter
> Yardley,  PA
> http://www.RubberChickenRacingGarage.com