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Re: How to make your EVO (powered) brakes less grabby (was "Re: ABS:)

You are right with the four-finger braking in case of panic braking, but we did not talk that. I had a few close calls and yes, I used four fingers to brake and the foot brake too.
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  Subject: RE: How to make your EVO (powered) brakes less grabby (was "Re: ABS:)

  I guess two-finger braking is okay if you are racing!  Fore-finger makes a
  great stop to limit travel.  I have no problem with my 1150GS and with the
  loaner RT's w/ the new power assisted.  Proper braking takes practice and if
  you have more than one bike (I also have two Airheads) it is best to use the
  same technique on all.  I know no one on this list has ever "panic" braked
  but one finger underneath an R80 leaver is not fun.


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  We supposed to use two fingers on the brake lever anyway, as friends who
  used to race are telling me. I have small hands so it is very difficult for
  me to do so.
  I always keep the fore-finger and the thumb around the throttle and three
  fingers on the brake. In critical cases, like slippery surface, I brake with
  one finger only.
  My old RS with ABS gives me no trouble, it does not have power assisted
  brakes (too high-tech???)
  Bob Silas 
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    From: Steve Makohin 
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    Subject: How to make your EVO (powered) brakes less grabby (was "Re: ABS:)

    Hello Tandy and list,

    From: "Tandy Bozeman" <tkb@xxxxxxxxxxx>

    [Steve Makohin wrote:]
    >> . . . I have learned a technique that minimizes and even 
    >> eliminates that effect (details in a previous email).
    > Details again, please.

    from "Re: ABS", Nov 12/05 12:32 PM (GMT -5)...

     o I have learned to adapt to the servo brakes by "choking up" on
       the hand brake lever. That is, I use only two fingers to apply the
       brake lever, and I position them as closely to the lever's "hinge"
       as possible. This reduced the amount of leverage I can use, and
       therefore, applies less brake force per finger force applied. This
       technique has allowed me to brake pretty smoothly.

    -Steve Makohin
     '01 R1100S/ABS
     Oakville, Ontario, Canada