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RE: How to make your EVO (powered) brakes less grabby (was "Re: ABS:)

First you are never too old to take a course.  Take the Experienced Rider
Course (ERC) every couple of years or whenever you change bikes.  It is a
great place to practice skills in a controlled environment with a trained
observer.  They do these every year at the MOA National plus you can contact
your local training org.  Best way is to get 6-12 family and/or friends and
do it together - really fun.

Second covering the brakes with all four fingers is a good practice in
limited situations: entering an intersection and in stop and go traffic.  It
does speed up reaction time especially for us old farts.  Butt... be careful
covering the brake - remember "4 to slow, 4 to go".


On more thought - typically dropping a bike while braking is not a function
of the brakes it is more that the bike is not straight - handlebars square
and bike completely upright.  All it takes is a little turn and
"bang!low-side".  I saw a novice on an R6 lock the front tire which raised
the rear about 8" off the ground but because he was going straight he didn't
drop it - matter of fact he didn't know it was up in the air.