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Re: How to make your EVO (powered) brakes less grabby (was "Re: ABS:)

> From: "Robert Brown" <sk.brown@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>> The point I was trying to make is that maybe you are an exception - human
>> nature will have most people braking the same way ALL the time.  Whatever
>> technique you use commuting, traveling, etc is what you will use in the
>> "panic" situation...

From: "Steve Makohin" <wateredg@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> [...]
> I have no data to support or to refute your assertion, but I must be an 
> exception. Since I received performance training, I use two fingers to 
> brake. Yet every time I have been surprised and had to grab and handful of 
> brake, I use four fingers. I speculate that my "instinct" is to grab the 
> brake lever with full force, while my consciously "decided action" in a 
> non-emergency braking situation is to use two fingers.

I have rotated the levers on my bikes so that they are slightly below my 
fingers with an open, relaxed hand, and I ride with two open hands. I have 
four fingers resting on the brake lever always and four on the clutch. I 
don't do this for any safety reason, more for comfort. I'm quite happy using 
the throttle in the crook between my thumb and forefinger and the fringe 
benefit is that the brake (and clutch) is always immediately available. Even 
so I tend to vary my braking in the same way that Steve does - that is, for 
preplanned stops I just finesse with a couple of fingers, but for panic 
stops (unthinkingly) grab a handful.

More spirited riding on the GSXR gets me hanging on a bit, but even then, 
only if I'm moving around on the seat.

To each his own

Mike Wilson

Lilydale, Tasmania

1998 R850R
GSX-R 750 K3


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