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Re: Rotor compatability question


I've replaced my rear rotor a couple of times because of warping.  Once 
I used a rotor from a K1100..it is the same except it's not 
drilled...don't know specific years that will work.  Tom Cutter on this 
list surely will.   I don't have an extra for you, but give Fred Rowland 
a shout at cyclesrecycled.com.  Good luck!

John Van Deren
Montpelier, VT
94 RS

rsriding@xxxxxxx wrote:

>I have a '94 R1100RS ABS with a rear rotor that is most definitely warped. I don't notice it much when first applying the rear brake at higher speeds, but the slower I go, the more pulsing I feel. It's time for a replacement.
>I might assume that the rotor remained the same for all years, but I suppose that's not even a sure bet. Are there rotors from other models that will retrofit the '94 RS? 
>And while I'm here...anyone have such an animal for which they are trying to find a new home?
>Geoffrey Greene
>Just back from riding this scoot in the Iron Butt Rally in August where there is very little need for brakes in comparison to use of the throttle.