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Re: Rotor compatability question

In a message dated 11/15/05 7:03:23 AM Eastern Standard Time,  
r11rider@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>I have a '94 R1100RS ABS with a rear rotor  that is most definitely warped. 
I don't notice it much when first applying the  rear brake at higher speeds, 
but the slower I go, the more pulsing I feel. It's  time for a replacement.
>I might assume that the rotor remained  the same for all years, but I 
suppose that's not even a sure bet. Are there  rotors from other models that will 
retrofit the '94 RS? >>

The  rotor part number is 34 51 2 332 581 The BMW parts CD lists the same 
part number  for:

I would  strongly recommend that you get a NEW rotor. They are $294.00 at BMW 
list price.  There are 18 available in the USA at this time. 
Be sure to replace the pads at the same time. I do NOT recommend any  
aftermarket pads for the rear brake, as I find that they seem to wear the rotor  more 
rapidly than the OEM pads.

Tom Cutter
Yardley,  PA