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Hi Jim,

<grin> Brakes are like oil, tires, and rail road tracks -- we'll each have
an opinion and, like rails, they may never meet. 

I do love my R1200GS and would not trade it for anything (ok, a 12GSA would
do just fine).

I asked so that I would understand if your commentary was out of 'beemer
love' or if you actually did prefer it over the BMW system after having
experienced both. You mentioned you were able to reach its design limits but
didn't comment on why you prefer the BMW ABS over the VFR ABS during normal
use. I'm curious to say the least.


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"Seattle Dan" <danweb@xxxxxxxxxxxx> asked:

> Have you actually tried locking up a Honda of recent? :)

I think they should all be locked up, but I'm afraid Honda will just keep 
making more. 8^P <baadaabing... chuckle, chuckle>

Seriously, yes, after watching a riding acquaintance do it on his recently 
purchased VFR, I tried it, and I succeeded. =8^O If one tries hard enough, 
one might just find a way to defeat even the best engineered technology.

I've ridden plenty of bikes I didn't like. That's why I didn't buy them.

I'll keep my Beemers, thanks.

BTW... what was your point in asking?