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RE: How to make your EVO (powered) brakes less grabby (ergos)

Getting closer to the issue..... interface.

I don't know if my little write-up on bike ergonomics (begins with "The  
throttle is a study in ergonomics...") has appeared on IBMWR yet (sent  
in months ago). In it, I discuss some ways of making the person/bike  
interface behave better.

Apropos braking, there are two problems with the throttle that come to  
mind. First, the grip is too small in diameter and not shaped for your  
(and I mean YOUR) hand. An easy fix is to wrap elliptical cross-section  
bicycle handlebar tape. This is real nice as a material (the high-class  
brands are rubberized cork) and can be wound to a suitable shape by  
canny overlapping.

Second, there is a strong force at the butterfly end that pulls the  
throttle closed. That may not sound like an impediment to braking!  
Indeed, if you become unstuck from the bike, right helpful. But  
ordinarily, finesse and ease are the desired attributes, not fighting  
strong forces all day. A counter-force spring is the solution.


Ben Barkow, Toronto... 39 seasons on Beemers, 44 as a biker

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