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Re: R1200S

On 11/16/05, Tom Brown <tbrown@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Steve:
> Correction - The new R1200S comes with Telelever.    As I said about a week
> ago, BMW considers Telelever to be superior to Duolever for front wheel
> control.
> The Telelever system doesn't fit well on the new K bike, so Duolever was
> invented.  It doesn't offer quite as much wheel travel for the front wheel
> and doesn't control the geometry quite as well, but it's close...and it
> looks trick.
> I read this in an interview with the director of the BMW motorcycle program.
> It was near the beginning of last year.  Sorry, I don't remember his name or
> the magazine.

BMW didn't really invent Duolever. Norman Hossack invented in in the
1980s. All BMW did was refine his work a bit.

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