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Re: R1200S

In a message dated 11/16/05 11:39:21 AM Eastern  Standard Time, 
tbrown@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Correction - The new R1200S comes  with Telelever.    As I said about a week 
ago, BMW considers  Telelever to be superior to Duolever for front wheel 

The  Telelever system doesn't fit well on the new K bike, so Duolever was  
invented.  It doesn't offer quite as much wheel travel for the front  wheel 
and doesn't control the geometry quite as well, but it's close...and  it 
looks trick.>>

They should rethink the Duolever. It  gives so little feedback that racers 
are crashing the Power Cup bikes with  alarming frequency. 

I had an opportunity to ride Nate Kern's Power Cup  preped K1200R on Monday 
at VIR, and the one admonition that he repeated was  "don't try to trail brake, 
it'll bite you!" He was right, it gives no indication  when the front tire is 

I am very happy with the Telelever on my  R1100S, especially with a Wilbers 
Shock fitted up front. But it DOES offer less  feedback than the upside-down 
telescopic fork on my GSXR750. It is just hard to  feel an impending tire slip 
and to correct for it. 

Tom  Cutter
Yardley, PA