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Steve Makohin wrote:

>It looks good on paper. I suspect it will get favorable reviews. The cover
>of MCN has the title "BMW builds a superbike! The new R1200S: more grunt
>than an R1 and as light as a FireBlade".

I think MCN has been drinking the Kool-Aid.  It's been a long time 
since a Fireblade (CBR9xx or 1000) weighed 469 pounds.  122 HP is 
nice, and should move it out with some serious dispatch.  Pressurized 

32.7" seat height may be a little tippy for my dwarf arse.

Hoo-Freaking Ray-No servo brakes!  I can live with integrated brakes 
but not servo.  I hope that ABS really is an option, and not 
something that the dealers order on ALL of their bikes.

It's probably asking for egg in my beer, but I don't see a provision 
for bags.  I don't care much for the overly expensive hybrid bags the 
K1200S has available, but it wouldn't surprise me to see that as the 
option on this bike.

I'm looking forward to it...except probably the price.

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