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Re: R1200S

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From: "Don MacQueen" <dmac@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: R1200S

> Steve Makohin wrote:
> >It looks good on paper. I suspect it will get favorable reviews. The
> >of MCN has the title "BMW builds a superbike! The new R1200S: more grunt
> >than an R1 and as light as a FireBlade".
> I think MCN has been drinking the Kool-Aid.  It's been a long time
> since a Fireblade (CBR9xx or 1000) weighed 469 pounds.  122 HP is
> nice, and should move it out with some serious dispatch.  Pressurized
> airbox.

Comparing the new R12S to either an R-1 or CBR929-54 or especially 1000 is
stretching it a little.
But it makes for eye-catching press.  :)

You don't want to try catching either an R-1 or a Fireblade with the new S.

But that's not what this bike is about anyway. It has strengths that the
other 2 don't have, but in other areas.

Montreal, Canada
CBR 929