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RE: oilheads-digest V2 #274

Steve Makohin wateredg@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:wateredg@xxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:

>My opinion about ABS in general is that on the street, all riders are better
>off with it than without it. Very few exceptions exist. I'll back this
>statement up in a separate post, along with the exceptions.

No need, Steve, to back it up on my behalf--your points have been made very
well in the past. I'll try to keep in mind the diff. between ABS & power
assist & integrated brakes & drag chutes & etc. As I mentioned, and largely
because of your arguments, I expect I'll have ABS on my next bike.

Which maybe won't be a Honda after all.

Looking at those pics of the new R1200S, I might just agree with Tom Brown
that it's the prettiest BMW ever--though the R90S and R100RS are still right
up there (and I'll even nod to the K1100RS, which I thought quite attractive).
And my R1100RS is a real looker as well; I get a big kick that 12 years later
BMW is still producing a bike that looks virtually identical--the hallmark of
a truly timeless design.

Not to be swayed by looks alone, though you'd be quite right in detecting
definite traces of lust here, it would reaffirm the validity of my dedication
to the BMW twin to have a boxer with that combination of power, light weight,
& other goodies. Saddlebag mounts would probably clinch it.

Maybe I WILL continue my policy of avoiding bikes I might like more, and just
reflexively buy another boxer...!

John Dancoe