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Front Pad Rattle


If you put in aftermarket pads, they usually don't have retainer springs 
things.   The pad rattling is not harmful to anything.   I'd just live with 

If it really bothers you, there are one to ten vendors that offer brake goo 
that comes in a bottle.  You brush this stuff thickly on the back of the 
pads and let it dry.  It is kind of pliable and a little bit sticky.  Just 
enough to hold the back of the pad to the brake cylinder.   It also helps 
with brake squeal on low speed stops.

This stuff won't make a mess if you follow directions.   I've used it on 
cars before but not bikes.

Another trick is to put duct tape on the back of the pads and trim it.  The 
face of the duct tape is soft enough to let the cylinder dig into it a 
little bit and the indentation stops the pad from moving around.   It adds 
some thickness to the pad, however.  That may be an issue with bike brakes. 
Again, I've done this on cars, not bikes.  Works well for street cars, not 
for track use, where the brakes get extrememely hot.   I think bike brakes 
are a lot less prone to heat issues, so tape should work if it fits in the 

- -TB 


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