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Sure, see the big Tampa clutch job...Or you could leave with me this morning 
for Deals Gap.  I'm in a Western Chicago suburb where it's +6F according to 
my clock.   Suiting up and gettting ready to go about 12 miles west to 
breakfast.   I'm lucky.  One guy has a 1.5 hour ride to get to the 

Bring the right equipment.

I've got Gerbings gloves and jacket liner under heavy leather jacket, 3 
pairs longies silk then two poly pro under leather pants.  Heated grips AND 
seat.  Tires inflated 5 pounds over to compensate for the cold temps outside 
my garage.   10-40 non synth oil...hope its thin enough.  We should be out 
of this before the bike has to sit more than an hour and a half, so I'm 
counting on a bit warmer weather down south.

We're heading straight south to I-64 then east to Lexington.   Hope we're 
going far enough South to cut over.  We're meeting a guy in Lexington, so 
we're pretty much stuck with this, I think.

This is my 5th year at this and this is the coldest it's been so far.

Why me?

- -TB