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Big clutch job in Tampa.

 Anyone interested in watching one of the all  time intense dismantling of a
motorcycle, join me this weekend when I  change the clutch on my BMW. (known
well by some) Points to consider:
  -No frame is associated with this motorcycle.
  -Front suspension attaches to the MOTOR.
  -the rear half of the motorcycle has a sub-frame that attaches to the
  -the transmission has to be separated from the engine. Transmission is  a
separate unit all much in like a car... without a frame. 
  I've done this procedure three times & I have every possible oil  seal,
for the engine, transmission and pushrod if any are bad when I  get in
there. The job should go well. It is gruesome to see, but  actually not
difficult (for me at least). RSVP, bring beer and a  digital camera if you

Doug Saylor
PO BOX 4036
Clearwater FL 33758-4036
(Live in South Tampa)