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2004 R1100S Fuses

I have a 2004 R1100S with EVO brakes.  

My owners manual says I have 2 fuse boxes, left and right tucked under
the fairing.  The left one is supposed to control all the standard
equipment, the right on for optional equipment.  On the right one,
only one is used for heated grips.

My bike only has one fuse box composed of 2 columns of 4
fuses.  The box is located on the left side of the bike under the
fairing, but it does not appear that the fairing needs to be removed
as it can be seen by peering into the cavity between the bars and the
fairing (sounds like an improvement to me).  

I called the dealer and he is investigating.  I'm thinking they
changed the fuses for EVO brakes.  Did the R1150RT come standard with
EVO?  If so, can someone with a 1150RT tell me if they have one fuse
box with 8 fuses that are 4A, 7.5A, or 10A?  Anyone know where I could
find info online?

According to the manual (the manual gives descriptions for the
circuits), it should be

left box
1L      4A 
2L      4A
3L     15A
4L     15A

Right box
1R    N/A
2R    4A
3R    N/A
4R    /A

N/A = not used

What the bike has is:

1)  10A    2) 10A
3)  10A    4) 7.5A
5)  7.5A   6) 4A
7)  4A      8) 4A

Anybody have any ideas?  I could reverse engineer it, but the fuse
sizes are very different.  I have 7.5A, but no 15A.  I'm assuming
there are additional fuses required for the EVO brakes.  
Wayne Woodruff