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Re: 2004 R1100S Fuses

On 11/26/05, Wayne Woodruff <wayne@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> My bike only has one fuse box composed of 2 columns of 4
> fuses.  ...
> Anybody have any ideas?...

I am not certain what your question is : >) but I will answer anyway.

I too have an 2004 R1100S with a date of manufacture of "0303".  My
Maintenance Instructions book describes 2 fuse boxes but the bike only
has one.

>From experience when the second fuse down on the leftmost column (10A)
blows I lose the clock and my heated vest (plugged into the accessory
socket).  I went to a 15A instead of the 10A.

The fuse box cover can be removed without removing the fairing.

- --
cheers... jack