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Re: 2004 R1100S Fuses

On Sat, 26 Nov 2005 15:26:56 -0500, you wrote:

>On 11/26/05, Wayne Woodruff <wayne@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> My bike only has one fuse box composed of 2 columns of 4
>> fuses.  ...
>> Anybody have any ideas?...
>I am not certain what your question is : >) but I will answer anyway.
>I too have an 2004 R1100S with a date of manufacture of "0303".  My
>Maintenance Instructions book describes 2 fuse boxes but the bike only
>has one.
>From experience when the second fuse down on the leftmost column (10A)
>blows I lose the clock and my heated vest (plugged into the accessory
>socket).  I went to a 15A instead of the 10A.
>The fuse box cover can be removed without removing the fairing.

OK, sounds like you have the same setup as me.  

I purchased a new Haynes when I bought this bike.  It has the fuse
number, size, and circuit description in it. The fuse you are
referring to is F3 and it controls the Horn, Auxiliary Outlet, and
clock. According to Haynes, this fuse is 15A.  My bike and yours has a
10A fuse in it.  Sounds like Haynes has a typo.  I'd be careful about
putting larger fuses in. 


Wayne Woodruff