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Re: Or..... (or PSI and temperature)

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From: "Emoto" <emoto1@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Or..... (or PSI and temperature)

> The thing about tires in the cold weather is this: In order to grip
> properly, tires must come up to operating temperature. The way that
> tires achieve increases in temperature is through the flexing of the
> tire. The more flex, the more heat is generated. Therefore, when
> riding in very cold weather, and you wish to get the same kind of grip
> as you have in warm weather, you must run LESS tire pressure than you
> do in the warm weather. Putting in additional pressure will cause the
> tires to run even colder than the weather was going to make them run,
> and will result in even less grip than if you had left them at your
> standard pressure.  So, in the cold weather, either leave your tires
> alone and understnad that you have slightly less grip, or reduce
> pressure slightly. Adding pressure in the cold weather is just wrong.

Well said. I've been saying that for many years. Maybe we channelled.  :)

But very true.

Montreal, Canada