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Re: Or..... (or PSI and temperature)

 > > I never increase PSI in cold tires to compensate for ambient temperature. I
 > > only compensate for warmed-up tires by adding 10% in order to reach the
 > > recommended or desired cold tire PSI.
 > Please rephrase this. Ie provide a specific example. I can't understand the
 > above, no matter which way I slice it . I missed the early part of the
 > thread. Maybe that's why.

If I understand correctly Fred is saying that a tire pressure rises
about 10% when hot.   Thus if his desired pressure is 40 cold, it will
be about 44 hot.   When checking air pressure he will fill to either
40 or 44, depending upon the state of the tire, cold or hot.

Did I get that right?

// marc