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Re: 2004 R1100S Fuses

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From: Bruno Valeri <bvaleri@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 21:33:46 -0500
Subject: Re: 2004 R1100S Fuses

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Sent: Sunday, November 27, 2005 3:48 PM
Subject: Re: 2004 R1100S Fuses

> I think the R11s must have the worst electrical system ever put on a
beemer.  My son melted the entire back section of wiring down,  That was fun
sorting that mess out.  They use the smallest gauge wiring and it seems to
melt right down to the connectors so it is hard to splice in a new section
of wire.

By any chance, did he install a high wattage bulb without benefit of relay
and heavier guage wiring?
No it was only a few Led bulbs which only draw a few Ma of power.  It might of been something he did but
it certainly wasn't an over load from anything he installed. I would have to think it was a 
short or something, but it did work fine for a while.

If not, how exactly did he melt the harness. They normally do fine if left

Montreal, Canada