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Re: 2004 R1100S Fuses

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From: Robert Silas <robert.silas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: oilheads@xxxxxxxxx
Sent: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 21:30:59 -0500
Subject: Re: 2004 R1100S Fuses

I have a 1994 R1100RS with ABS, it has 170,000 km on the clock, I've got it at 
13,350 km, I put on the rest.
Addition to the electrical system as follow:

Two extra aux. sockets,
Running lights over the cylinders,
Two horns,
Heated grips,
Heated vest,
CB radio,
FRS radio,
Descending blinking brake-light.

There must be more, I probably forgetting something.
I never had any electrical problem, so far.
Bob Silas

 Bob, my son's bike was a 2002 R11s.  I suspect that if you looked at the basic wire sizes you would notice
that the wires are significantly smaller in gauge than on the older R11RS.  I know on my 96R11RT the wires are 
probably twice as heavy.    I would have to guess but some of the wires in the harness had to be atleast