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RE: Shrieking Starter

"Frederick Huganir" fredh@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:fredh@xxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:

>After 50,000 miles, my starter sounds the cry of the Banshee (if you've ever
>heard a Banshee cry) once the engine starts.

Fred, sounds just like what happened to my starter at about the same mileage.
If so, all it needs is lubrication. My starter's been working fine for
probably 30k miles since I did it, so I musn't have screwed it up too much.

Clymer and Haynes say nothing about how to accomplish this, but I documented
my procedure and will send it to you off-list.

John Dancoe

p.s. re: New info on R1200S, R1200GS Adventure, K1200GT, F800ST:

I see the R1200S features a "crankshaft running in anti-friction bearings"

ooooh aaaah this must be the 21st century  ;)

WTH is an "electronic immobiliser?" Sounds like a phaser set on stun.