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Re: R1200GS brake question

I've got an '05  non-ABS (and thus non-servo) R12GS.  Here in the Great
White North, the default order for all bikes was apparently  ABS, although
it was an option and not included in the list price.  My bike had to be
specifically  ordered with no ABS, but did include heated grips, hand
protectors,  and one power take - off.   (Yes I got a full tool kit and two
keys.)  Apart from the simple hydraulics, the only noticeable difference is
the lack of an ABS-cancel button on the left switch cluster.  There's also a
great void under the tank that demands some good use, but it's a bitch to

The non-ABS brakes are excellent.  Frankly I think in terms of feel and
stopping power, they are better than my preceding R1150GS with ABS, and
either GS was superior to my R1150R with earliest  servo-ABS and partial
integral brakes.  That one gave me cause to worry on the technical end of
the braking system.

Factor in price, condition, location, and equipment as well as (most
important to me) if looking at it makes you smile.  I certainly smile at my
R12GS and if it wasn't minus bloody 26C I'd go for a ride.

David Makin
Ottawa Ontario
R12GS, R50/5, R75/5, Sherpa T