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RE: Garmin 2720 installation info

Maps are already loaded in the GPS. There is  750 MB of additional memory
for other Garmin maps, routes, user waypoints, etc.  This additional memory
is replaced every time new information is loaded into the GPS.  My Quest
works the same way. This review should give you a better idea what is going
on.  http://gpsinformation.us/sp2720/sp2720rev.html

Ron Beckley
Gloucester, MA
F650 CS
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> Sent: Saturday, December 17, 2005 8:49 PM
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> Subject: Garmin 2720 installation info
> I was trying to help my brother install a Garmin Street Pilot 2720, of
> which I
> know absolutely zero about (never used a GPS before).
> Is it necessary to transfer maps from the software that is included with
> the
> GPS, or can you just hook up the GPS to your car and be good to go?
> I installed the software and did the unlock procedure but when I went to
> transfer a map I got a message telling me that if I continued I would
> delete
> info.
> I am not at his house where the unit is so I am relating this from memory.
> Can someone with experience with the 2720 contact me at
> s.l.berto@xxxxxxxxx so
> I get this installed correctly?
> From the info on the Gramin website it looks like all the maps are already
> installed on the unit, so if this is so, why do you need the software in
> the
> first place?
> I didn't find the owner's manual to be of much help.
> Steve Berto
> Annandale, Va
> s.l.berto@xxxxxxxxx
> 2002 R1150R