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Re: Garmin 2720 installation info

In a message dated 12/17/05 10:31:40 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
s.l.berto@xxxxxxxxx writes:
I was trying to help my brother  install a Garmin Street Pilot 2720, of which 
know absolutely zero about  (never used a GPS before).
Is it necessary to transfer maps from the software  that is included with the
GPS, or can you just hook up the GPS to your car  and be good to go?
I installed the software and did the unlock procedure but  when I went to
transfer a map I got a message telling me that if I continued  I would delete
I am not at his house where the unit is so I am  relating this from memory.
Can someone with experience with the 2720 contact  me at s.l.berto@xxxxxxxxx 
I get this installed correctly?
>From the info  on the Gramin website it looks like all the maps are already
installed on the  unit, so if this is so, why do you need the software in the
first place?
I  didn't find the owner's manual to be of much  help.>>

The unit is all ready to go. Just plug  and play. You don't even need to 
install the software to your computer until  such time as Garmin issues a software 
upgrade. (There are several for the 2720,  but your newly-purchased unit 
probably has them already.)

Connect the  cable to the back of the GPS, plug into the power 
socket/cigarette lighter  socket, start the car, switch on the GPS. First time it will take 
a while to  find the satellites, then you are good to go.

I recommend that one person  drive and another operate the GPS for the first 
few times. There is a lot to  learn at first and you will find it distracting. 
I used mine in the car for a  month before mounting it on the bike. That 
turned out to be a good thing. I  really got to use all the features better by 
being able to hear the voice  prommpts, which feature is lost on the bike unless 
you install an ear bud.  

Tom Cutter
Yardley,  PA


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