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Re: Shoot David Robb!

"Steve Makohin" writes:
 > Subjective style statements aside, Cycle Canada is known for their honest, 
 > accurate, free-of-hyperbole reporting, and they called the R1200GS the best 
 > motorcycle made. I accept that. It's just not my cup of tea.

I don't know if I'd go that far (and I own one :-), but it is, for me
anyway, the best all round bike.   Since my touring takes in all kinds
of roads, not just US interstates, I like a bike that is comfortable on
all kinds of roads.   The GS fits me.   It's fast enough for me, but the
"I like speed" folks will be disapointed.  It's light enough for me, but
the "its a pig in the dirt" folks are correct, too.

That's why I classify it as a touring bike.   I don't care that BMW calls
it a dual sport.  Oh, I like its styling, too.   Most new bikes these days
(all vendors, not just BMW) leave me cold.

Happy New Year to all.

// marc