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RE: Shoot David Robb!

.. offered in ten years?

When I bought my R1100RT in '96, even Harley guys stopped and commented on
"what a great-looking bike that is!" And it still happens now. Non-moto
people ask, "Is that a new model bike? It's beautiful!" So beyond the
standard reply (beauty is in the eye ...) to your comment, some Beemer
design of the last ten years is percieved by a lot of people as very, very
good. Your sweeping inclusion of everything done in the last ten years
might be overly subjective.


> From: <dmac@xxxxxxxxxx>

> Just in case anyone from BMW reads this:  These motorcycles continue to
be the reason I'm riding a 25 year old and a 10 year old BMW, and haven't
even considered anything you've offered in ten years.
> Rant off.
> --
> Don MacQueen, Shelby NC