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RE: Shoot David Robb!

Steve, Marco,
I have similar sentiments about the newer bike offerings but since I have no
intention of changing my rides I have stopped being irritated by them :)

I have often wondered how well a "retro" RT (based on original bodywork with
a balance shaft engine and a proper 6 speed, NO wizzy brakes and NO
hydraulic clutch) would sell...  I would be very tempted!!

We get the One series car here and that looked strange to me at first but
strange to say it has "grown" on me.  If I were in the market for a small
car I would overlook the "styling" and purchase it mainly because of the
rear wheel drive specification and 50 50 weight distribution.

Just some ramblings thoughts from one rather fixed in his ways :)

Clive Liddell ~65
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
'96 R850R ~79k.km
'01 R1100RT ~60k.km
'91 W124 Merc ~200k.km (model before electronics took over big time)
> Hello Marco,
> From: "Marco S Hyman" <marc@xxxxxxxxx>
> > "Steve Makohin" writes:
> > > upgrade. I like the R1200S's styling, but it's too "sport" and no
> > > touring
> > > (which is exactly what BMW intended). The R1200RT, a "transformer"
> > > look-alike, is mostly touring, though a great-handling world-class
> > > tourer.
> > > The R1200ST is so hideously ugly, the negative styling overshadows the
> > > bike's otherwise splendid performance as a sports-tourer.
> >
> > You left out the GS, IMHO the best touring bike that BMW makes :-)
> Just a highly-subjective opinion on the GS: I've always thought
> the styling
> was "dirt-bike ugly." I recently saw the new R1200GS at the Toronto bike
> show, and I must say that it looks rather attractive (on styling
> alone) for
> a dual-sport. It looks like BMW played down the "front fender is
> a mile high
> off the wheel and looks like a big duck's bill" aspect of GS
> styling of the
> past, and made it much more attractive.
> Subjective style statements aside, Cycle Canada is known for
> their honest,
> accurate, free-of-hyperbole reporting, and they called the
> R1200GS the best
> motorcycle made. I accept that. It's just not my cup of tea.
> -Steve Makohin
>  '01 R1100S/ABS
>  Oakville, Ontario, Canada