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Re: Running hot

At 06:00 PM 1/7/2007 -0600, Andren Appelquest wrote:
>After having the Hall effect device replaced on my 2002 R1150RT, 33K 
>miles, the BMW shop replaced my engine oil with something unknown. I 
>didn't notice anything unusual the 1st 200 miles back, but now the RID 
>sits on 6 bars at speed in a TX 65 degree F ambient. For the past five 
>years, on a hot summer day, 95 F, the RID has displayed six bars only 
>after a few minutes in stand-still traffic. In your experiences, what 
>features in the process of changing the Hall sensor or putting in 
>non-synthetic oil (I'm guessing they lied to me and replaced the oil with 
>their cheapest) would cause the engine to heat. It's not the RID, the 
>engine is hot, feels hot, sounds hot, etc. The reason they replaced the 
>Hall sensor is "that after having the bike a few weeks while waiting for a 
>body part, the bike wouldn't start , and the tester tracked down the 
>failure to the Hall effect sensor". Thanks.
>Andy in Seabrook TX

   1. The timing 'may' be retarded all the way (there is only about 6 
degrees in the HES slot)
   2. I do not agree with the original reason for replacing the Hall 
sensor. They do NOT fail
       from sitting idle. :(
   3. Get a new dealer or service person.